ELAC Committee

8 months ago

What is ELAC?
English Learners Advisory Committee

ELAC is a committee, especially important for parents with children acquiring English as a second language 

ELAC is an advisory parent committee 

ELAC is in English & Spanish and will be conducted in the language of the majority of parents present, with translation as needed

¿Qué es ELAC?

English Learners Advisory Committee

ELAC es un comité, especialmente para los padres con hijos aprendiendo el inglés como segundo idioma

ELAC es un comité consejero de padres hacia la escuela

Se conduce en inglés y español, utilizando el idioma de la mayoría de los padres de familia presentes, ofreciendo traducción como sea necesario

Contact Information:
Información de Contacto:
Brenda Romero ELAC Presidente

English Learner Program Support Services

8 months ago

Lakeside Middle School's English 
Learner Goals:

To develop English Proficiency as quickly and efficiently as possible

To provide academic success by continuing to develop academic English

To provide access to the core curriculum

 To develop a positive self-concept among English Learners


Inglés de Lakeside Middle School
  Objetivos de Aprendizaje:

Desarrollar aptitud en el inglés lo más rápido y eficientemente posible

Proveer éxito académico al continuar desarrollando el inglés académico

Proveer acceso al plan de estudios principal

Desarrollar un concepto personal positivo entre los Aprendices de Inglés

Think Together Program

8 months ago

Think Together Header


THINK Together’s Mission:


To provide high quality academically-oriented out-of-school programs for students regardless of race, creed or socioeconomic status.

 THINK Together program components:

Homework assistance

Enrichment support in core subjects

Team building activities

Physical activities and healthy living

Conflict resolution and character education Service learning-helping the community Clubs-sports, cheer, art, cooking, leadership, and many more!

 Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 2:45 pm to 6:00 pm Wednesday (Minimum Day) 12:20 pm to 6:00 pm 

Admission Process:

We are always accepting applications and student referrals. Students must submit a completed enrollment application to the front office or to the Site Coordinator. Student will then be placed on the waiting list until room becomes available in the program. Site Coordinator will notify parent when space becomes available and give an exact start date for the student.

*Please note that no student will be able to start the program without prior authorization from the Site Coordinator. Students who are not enrolled in the program will not be able to participate in program activities and must go home once the regular school day has concluded. 

Contact information:

Site Coordinator: Johnathan Deng

Phone: 951-760-3957

E-Mail: lakesidems@thinktogether.org